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lens Canon 50 F1.2

 lens Canon 50 F1.2
lens Canon 50 F1.2
Giá: 400.000đ đ/ngày
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Canon 50mm Lens Size Comparison Now the 50 f/1.2L (above right) enters the market. Being a prime Canon L Series Lens, the Canon 50 f/1.2 far exceeds all existing Canon 50mm lenses in nearly all aspects - including three negative ones: size, weight and price. Since Canon already has a 50mm f/1.4 lens, they would not release a slightly wider aperture version at a far higher price, size and weight without offering significantly better features and image quality. Otherwise, people simply would not buy the lens. The question is - are the actual differences enough? The Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens adds a feature lacking on the 85 L II but common on Canon's newer L series lenses - weather sealing. I should say weather-sealing-capable because a filter is required to complete the factory weather sealing. The front lens elements that extend/retract inside the lens barrel require a 72mm filter to complete their sealing. The filter attaches to the outer lens barrel - and does not rotate or extend. Canon EOS 1D Mark IV with Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens If you are buying this lens, you probably intend to use it primarily at its widest apertures where it delivers best-available sharpness - and stopped down results are still very decent. 50 f/1.2L 100% Crop Sample The samples on the left were sharpened with a DPP setting of 1 (very low) while the samples on the right were sharpened with a setting of 2. 50 f/1.2L 100% Crop Sample 2 Canon-EF-50mm-f-1.2-L-USM-Lens-on-1Ds-Mark-III   Canon-EOS-1D-X-Digital-SLR-Camera-1 Canon-EOS-1D-X-Digital-SLR-Camera-4      


    2008-08-18-22-01-49  Center 2008-08-18-22-01-49 (1)  Mid-frame 2008-08-18-22-01-49 (2)  Corner      


    2006-12-20_16-45-55 2006-12-23_18-46-19 2006-12-23_19-05-02 2006-12-24_15-56-14 2006-12-24_16-10-37 2006-12-24_23-34-19 2007-01-03_08-21-27 2007-01-03_08-26-21 2007-01-07_16-36-32 2007-01-13_18-11-25 2007-01-20_16-55-06 2007-01-22_21-54-38 2007-09-02_18-56-27 2008-01-19-10-14-39 2009-10-11_06-48-35 2009-10-13_17-09-09 2009-10-14_13-12-53 2010-07-10_21-45-10 2010-07-10_21-46-43 2010-07-10_21-48-14 2011-08-23_17-33-47      


    2010-08-28_11-21-05 F1.2 2010-08-28_11-21-08 F1.4 2010-08-28_11-21-13 F2.0 2010-08-28_11-21-17 F2.8 2010-08-28_11-21-21 F4.0 2010-08-28_11-21-24 F5.6 2010-08-28_11-21-28 F8.0 2010-08-28_11-21-28 F11.0 2010-08-28_11-21-36 F16.0    



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